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Home Sleep Evaluation

Why Choose TrueCare Medical for Home Sleep Evaluations?

TrueCare Medical is dedicated to providing comprehensive sleep health services, including home sleep evaluations, to diagnose and manage sleep disorders effectively. Our home sleep evaluations are designed for convenience and comfort, allowing patients in Lilburn and Suwanee, Georgia, to undergo sleep studies in the familiar setting of their own homes. This service is especially beneficial for those who find it difficult to sleep in unfamiliar environments, such as a hospital or a sleep lab, and for individuals with mobility limitations or busy schedules.

How Home Sleep Evaluation Services Work:

Home sleep evaluations involve the use of a portable monitoring device that patients use overnight in their own bed. The process is straightforward:

  1. Consultation: Our sleep specialists conduct an initial consultation to assess symptoms and determine if a home sleep evaluation is appropriate.
  2. Device Setup: Patients are provided with a portable sleep monitoring device, along with detailed instructions on how to set it up. The device typically measures parameters such as heart rate, breathing patterns, blood oxygen levels, and body movements.
  3. Sleep Study Night: Patients follow their normal bedtime routine and use the device while they sleep. The device records critical data that will be analyzed by our sleep specialists.
  4. Device Return and Data Analysis: After the sleep study, patients return the device to TrueCare Medical. Our specialists analyze the data to diagnose potential sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

Home Sleep Evaluation Experience:

TrueCare Medical ensures that the home sleep evaluation process is as seamless and unobtrusive as possible. Our devices are designed for ease of use, and we provide comprehensive support to address any questions or concerns patients might have about using the equipment. Patients appreciate the convenience of being able to conduct the study in their own homes, which often leads to more accurate and natural sleep pattern recordings.

Post-Evaluation Care:

Following the analysis of the sleep study data, patients have a follow-up appointment with our sleep specialists to discuss the results. If a sleep disorder is diagnosed, we will discuss treatment options, which may include lifestyle changes, medical devices like CPAP machines, or medication. Our team is committed to providing continuous support and adjustments to treatment plans as needed to ensure optimal management of the sleep disorder.


What conditions can home sleep evaluations diagnose?Home sleep evaluations are primarily used to diagnose sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea. They can also help assess other sleep-related issues, including periodic limb movement disorder and severe snoring.

Who is a good candidate for a home sleep evaluation?Home sleep evaluations are ideal for individuals who exhibit symptoms of sleep disorders or those who prefer the convenience and comfort of being in their own home for the study. It is also suitable for patients who have difficulty traveling to a sleep lab.

Is the home sleep evaluation device difficult to use?No, the devices used for home sleep evaluations are designed for easy self-administration. TrueCare Medical provides clear instructions and support, ensuring that patients feel confident in using the equipment.

How accurate are home sleep evaluations?Home sleep evaluations can provide highly accurate data for diagnosing sleep disorders. While they do not capture as extensive data as in-lab sleep studies, they are effective for diagnosing conditions like sleep apnea.

What happens if a sleep disorder is diagnosed?If a sleep disorder is diagnosed, TrueCare Medical will discuss the most effective treatment options with you. Treatments may include lifestyle changes, using a CPAP machine, or medication depending on the type and severity of the disorder.

TrueCare Medical's home sleep evaluation services are part of our commitment to providing advanced, patient-centered healthcare. By offering this service, we aim to make sleep disorder diagnosis and management more accessible and convenient, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care right from the comfort of their own homes.


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