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Wellness with Tailored Health and Beauty

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Innovative Treatments
Pioneering innovative treatments to enhance patient care and drive forward medical and aesthetic excellence.
Positive Feedback
Every patient receives high-quality care leading to satisfaction and positive outcomes.
Expert Providers
Expert medical professionals dedicated to advancing your health within our practice.

Medical Treatments

We're dedicated to your health journey, providing advanced treatments tailored to your unique needs. Your personalized care plan is crafted with your swift and effective recovery as our primary goal.
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For Body
Thyroid Management
High Cholesterol
For Mind
Chronic Fatigue

Tripple Collagen Boost

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The world’s first RF microneedling machine that combines monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency at 1 or 2MHz in a single device, creating four unique RF modes. With a variety of tips, needle alignment options, and the ability to treat anywhere – Potenza’s versatility cannot be overstated.



Aesthetic Treatments

We personalize every aesthetic treatment to align with your unique beauty goals, ensuring a natural and rejuvenated appearance. Your comfort and confidence are at the heart of our care.
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Popular Treatments
Dermal Lip Fillers
Hair Loss
Anti Wrinkle Injections
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Full Face
Lower Eyes
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Dr. Phan

Renowned for medical expertise and empathy.
Dr. Phan is a highly accomplished internal medicine physician with extensive education and professional experience, including roles in hospitalist positions, telehealth, and as a core faculty member in internal medicine residency programs. Holding board certifications and medical licenses in multiple states, Dr. Phan has been recognized with numerous honors and awards for excellence in medical education and compassionate patient care.
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Empowering Wellness Journeys: Insights from the Heart of Internal Medicine
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